Oxygen Supplies

Oxygen & Respiratory Supplies

Howard’s Medical carries a full-range of respiratory supplies. We currently have a respiratory therapist on staff to help with oxygen consultations when it comes to oxygen. Remember oxygen is classified as a drug and can only be dispensed by prescription only. You also need to follow up with your doctor regularly and make sure oxygen is listed as a current prescription.

For in-home oxygen use, our patients use what is called a concentrator. This device takes room air which run about 21% oxygen and converts it to over 90% oxygen so patients can breathe easier if they have a compromised respiratory condition.

While on the go there are a number of different options. Some of our patients use portable aluminum tanks which are significantly lighter than the old steel tanks. We also carry several different kinds of battery operated concentrators. Call one of our respiratory team members and we would be happy to go over which kind of respiratory delivery system works best for you.

From nebulizers to concentrators and suction machines. Howard’s Medical supply have supplies to meet your respiratory needs. We also have oxygen supplies and oxygen tanks. Howard’s also offers the soft goods to go with all respiratory products such as cannulas, disposable nebulizers, trach supplies, etc.

Last, we have a fully-staffed after-hours service just in case you have questions or your equipment is not working. Just because our retail store is not open after 6pm or on Sundays doesn’t mean we stop taking care of you. Know when you go with Howard’s Medical, we have you covered for your respiratory needs.

Oxygen Concentrators

Howard’s are now able to provide home oxygen generators that are not heavy, bulky or noisy. Our home oxygen generators are lightweight making them easier to store and transport and with low maintenance they are easier for you to use. Our home oxygen concentrators give you freedom to live your life by delivering superior oxygen treatment.

The proper name the industry uses for “oxygen generators” is “concentrators”. We have had our patients use lots of words to describe them though such as “oxygen machines”, “oxygen units”, etc. No matter what you call them, these oxygen machines are imperative for those who have a compromised respiratory system to feel better.

Portable Oxygen

Howard’s Medical Supply also provides portable Oxygen Concentrators that provide oxygen therapy in a way that lets active patients do the things they want without being concerned about running out of oxygen. Light and compact portable oxygen generators offer convenience and performance. Our concentrators provide excellent oxygen capacity, and easy-to-use controls, allowing you to be active.

Our oxygen concentrators help you control costs by eliminating the expense of oxygen delivery. As with all our products you can rely on Howard’s years of experience to rest assured that we only stock those portable oxygen concentrators that have proved themselves to us and will deliver for you.

Medical Respirators

Howard’s is pleased to announce that we are now servicing non-invasive ventilators.

Please call us at for more details at 509-654-9899 we look forward to assisting you!