Oxygen Supplies

Oxygen & Respiratory Supplies

Howard’s Medical carries a full-range of respiratory equipment, including oxygen concentrators and tanks, portable concentrators, nebulizers, suction machines and non-invasive ventilators. Howard’s also provides respiratory supplies such as cannulas, disposable nebulizers, trach supplies, etc.

Oxygen Concentrators

Howard’s home oxygen concentrators are quiet and lightweight, allowing for easy storage and transport. Concentrators work by taking room air and purifying it to over 90 percent pure oxygen. Remember: Oxygen is classified as a drug and can be dispensed by prescription only. You also need to follow up with your doctor regularly and make sure oxygen is listed as a current prescription.

By choosing Howard’s as your local oxygen provider, you get access to our respiratory therapist for oxygen consultations and after-hours service if your equipment is not working properly. Just because our retail store is not open after 6pm or on Sundays doesn’t mean we stop taking care of you. Know when you choose Howard’s Medical, we have you covered for your respiratory needs.

Portable Oxygen

Howard’s Medical Supply also offers portable oxygen concentrators for on-the-go oxygen therapy. Lightweight and compact, portable oxygen concentrators offer convenience and performance. Our concentrators provide excellent oxygen capacity and easy-to-use controls.

We also carry several different kinds of battery-operated concentrators. Call us for more information.

Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Portable oxygen concentrators are super convenient instead of using oxygen tanks but there are major differences in each unit and it depends on one’s respiratory condition as well as the price point you would like to pay for each.  Some of the lightest ones are convenient but if one’s breath rate is too shallow it will not work for particular patients. Ask to speak to one of our nurses, respiratory therapists, or trained customer service team members to decide which is right for you!

Click on links below to see our concentrators manufactures.

Drive-Through Oxygen Service

Howard’s Medical is excited to launch Drive-Through Oxygen Service in March 2018.  This new, convenient service will allow you to your exchange empty oxygen tanks from the convenience of your car.

Please call us at for more details at 509-654-9899 we look forward to assisting you!