Happy 4th of July from Howard’s

An example of some of the many modifications we can make with a wheelchair. Adding off-road tires to a standard wheelchair.

We live in what we believe is the greatest country in the world.  We are thankful for our freedom and everyone who has sacrificed so much.  We are hoping you and your loved ones have an amazing holiday.

We wanted to share a fun chair we built for someone in Kittitas this week. It is a standard wheelchair but our customer let us know they they are really active and in Central Washington not everything is paved as we are all aware. Both Ben and Jon on our rehab team took the wheels on a standard wheelchair and mounted mountain bike tires to it to give it extra traction. The patient said it worked out great.  This is a modification we can do on any wheelchair because what is the point of medical supplies if it doesn’t allow for you our patients to do the activities they love to do.

We also added a Velcro back, a cushion, and a nice cushion to make their ride all the more comfortable.  For a standard chair without jumping into the expensive ultra-lightweight models, this is making some pretty good tasting lemonade out of lemons.

Happy 4th from the team at Howard’s and Kittitas Medical Supply.

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